In Importaco Ingredients, we provide innovation in products and management to offer our customers products and services that adjust to their needs. We have our own analysis laboratories, as well as the necessary technology to research and develop new products.

We perform exhaustive quality controls on our products to ensure the maximum freshness and guarantee its reception under the conditions required by our customers.

Quality controls on the field, working together with our suppliers, on the reception of the raw material, on the processing and packaging. We thoroughly monitor all the supply chain to ensure the best final result.

We have all the personal and quality certifications required to ensure the excellence of our products:

  • ISO 14.001
  • ISO 50.001
  • BRC
  • IFS

I + D + i, which represents our guarantee of product and service.



In Importaco Ingredients, we firmly believe that we can deliver excellent products and be a “good company” at the same time. For this reason, we commit ourselves with the environment. A commitment that we also demand to our suppliers.

The company is focused in the usage of natural resources in order to do “more with less” and be more productive. Studying new and better ways to reduce waste and working to convert it is part of this management system.

Our facilities have biomass and emission-control boiler, eco-design of the facilities, solar panels or industrial sewage treatment systems, among others.

To that end, we have the certifications ISO 14001 on Environmental Management and ISO 50.001 on Energy Saving Management.

"Our commitment with the environment is a commitment that we also demand to our suppliers."